Setting Your Minecraft Dinner Table


Today I am going to tell you about different foods to set your minecraft dinner table with. There isn’t a set breakfast or dinner time in a Minecraft day. You basicly just eat whenever you are hungry. There aren’t unhealthy foods in Minecraft. Either you might be sick like if you eat raw meat or rotten flesh (if you drink a bucket of milk you will get better immediately) but there aren’t any other side effects so you could eat cake and it have the same health benefit as bread or meat though it may not fill you up as much.

Bread: This is the most common food  and is one of the easiest to make. You will spend 3 wheat (across the middle of the crafting table) to get one loaf that will give you 5 hunger points. That is a little resource laden for me but it will always work in a pinch.

Cookies:  These are very unusual because the main ingredient is cacao seeds which are only found in the jungle. To make 8 cookies you put a cacao seed in the center and wheat in the left and right middle of the crafting table and you will have 2 hunger points per cookie so that is 16 hunger points for one batch. That makes them a much more profitable to make than bread. To find out more about the jungle click here

Cooked Food: This is a general category because there are a bunch of foods that can just be cooked in a furnace and eaten right then and there. The only vegetable of 2 hunger points if it is cooked that is in this is the potato which you could eat raw but then it is only half a hunger point instead of 2 hunger points.

There are always more to learn about the food of Minecraft. 


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