I love photo cards, especially for Christmas! So I was stoked to start poking around the Shutterfly to try and pick out our Christmas cards for this year!  I have vowed once again that this year I will actually be organized! This year I will have the cards ordered, address labels printed and be ready to go before December 1st! I hope I am not daydreaming;).

We have always gone with the flat photo card because we have adorable kids but then you wonder if you should send an additional letter. You know, to actually talk about those adorable kids. Decisions, decisions right? No, actually! I was really stoked to see their folded photo cards. You can have additional pictures put in it, sentiments, all your names, whatever. I think there is just enough space to put a simple letter that you don’t have to get to flowery in! You know what I mean, you don’t want to be bragging but upbeat none the less. I think this one might be perfect for the NerdFamily!

So what are you doing for your Christmas cards this year?

(I received some cards as compensation for this post! If you are a blogger and are interested in getting 50 cards from Shutterfly go find out how!)

(And yes, I also posted this on my food site;)

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