Silicone Muffin Cups

I was trying to come up with something I own that truly makes my life work better and I came up with Silicone Muffin Cups. I know that seems indulgent and silly but they have improved my life greatly. If you optimize your oven with large sheet pans you can put all of the muffin cups free standing them. I make 48 at a time (24 on each sheet pan). This works great for my Sweet Corn Muffins. I just multiply the recipe by 4 and cook them at once. This way I get everything dirty at once and yet I just have to go through one cooking cycle. Everything cools very quickly in the silicone so I just pop them out. Nothing sticks and I am not pulling paper off either. I even use these for Individual Egg Quiches. When I did this will the old fashion tins everything stuck:(. Then I just stack them up in a small little pile and don’t have to figure out where to store clunky muffin pans. You do have to wash them by hand but you get a 99 cent toothbrush and just scrub on them a little (the brush is more to get in the crevices than for scrubbing) and you are done! So there is one of my favorite things!

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