Sorting an Adult’s Closet

IMG_20130903_204838405Now that the kids are back to school and have their wardrobe all situated it is now the adults’ turn!!! But cleaning an adult’s closet isn’t a cut and dry as cleaning out your child’s. It isn’t all about if a garment actually fits. Especially for women! Women tend to have a total of 3-4 different sizes in their closet at any one time. And I understand, you don’t want to just toss all those valuable clothes. Or even just toss them to the bottom of some generic donation stack. But there are some worthy causes that need your clothes or you can even sell them!

So how are we to attack this monster? With some logic steps, of course;).

First look at everything that doesn’t fit.
1. Is it torn, stained or otherwise not in its best state? Toss it!
2. If it fit perfectly would you really want to wear it? Be honest, in a closet full of clothes would you really pick it? If not, it is time to bless someone else.

Now lets look at everything that fits.
1) Pull everything out you haven’t worn in 18 months. Do it!!!
2) Is it ripped, torn or stained? Toss it!
3) Does it need mending? Are you really going to do it? If you aren’t then toss it! If you think you will take it out and put it in a box. If you don’t mend it in 3 months, toss!
3) If it is a special occasion outfit then you have to ask yourself the hard question. Would you still wear it if the special occasion came up or would you use it as an excuse to buy some thing new? If you would want to buy something new: donate! Otherwise put it back in the closet.
4)Otherwise you need to donate it!

So now what do you do with all these clothes?
1)Swap with friends!
2)Sell on Craig’s List, eBay, website or consignment store. It takes some work but can make some money.
3)Donate!!! Sometimes donating makes it a little easier to get rid of those clothes that you paid so much for but don’t wear.

Here are 3 great donation options here in Fresno!
1) My Sister’s Closet that helps dress women for jobs after helping them with resume and interviewing skills.
2) Suiting for Success that dresses both men and women! It is for the Welfare to Work students and helps them to be dressed for the job they are trying to get!
3) Goodwill is always a great option for everything else that may not be career wear! And of course there are trucks all over the city and they will even unload your car for you!

Cleaning your closet will help not only bless others but also bless you by making your space a little more organized and sane!

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