Southwest Covers Up Scandily Clad “Lady”

For those of you who haven’t heard, Southwest recently asked Kyla to adjust her outfit in order to stay on a flight. There is discussion going on about her freedom and was this done because she was a attractive young woman and someone (which of course must be an old married lady like me because no man would complain) was offended. In the CNN interview there was this quote:

Feminist Ann Friedman can’t imagine this happening to a man

I happen to offer this different view: it would if his penis was hanging out. As a matter of fact he would have been arrest for indecent exposure. Here is some photographic evidence (Due to the issue these are not on this post due to our family friendly nature. You can click on the image and see it in a window. Mind you these are just stills off of the CNN interview).

In the second picture it looks as if the skirt was made from the top part of a pair of jeans. All you crafty girls have seen those purses and aprons made like that. According to AllDay: Today’s Family Blog:

At first, when she appeared on the set, it didn’t seem like her outfit was so inappropriate. It was clear that her skirt was pretty short, but it didn’t seem worthy of getting a lecture from a customer service representative on how to dress.

But when she sat down, we learned just how short that skirt was — when she flashed our national television audience. Yeah, that skirt was short.

So was she discriminated against? Yes, in the beneficial way. All she said she had to do was pull down the skirt and up the top. A man would have been bounced and possibly arrested. I say hurray for Southwest! I am not asking for a company to apply stricter standards than the law but let us apply the law. There is a law that allows a woman to nurse in public but other than that cover up! Private parts are not to be seen in public.

(HT: Rocks in My Dryer)

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