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I was trying to figure out what I was talking about this week on my TV spot for next week. The producer on the show suggested great travel things to do during Spring Break. I had to think about it and then had to confess, we do not and will not vacation during Spring Break;).

If you are a home body like we are you can still find plenty to do over Spring Break!!! Some things are just fun but they all have an element of learning!

1) Visit the library!!! No, not just to check out books but do that while you are there;). Almost every library system has activities for all ages! The Fresno County Library system always has great shows and activities. All you have to do is look on the website and see which branch is doing what when.

2) Get some great books! Ok, we love to read here in the NerdFamily and I cold go on forever extolling the virtues of it. But seriously, get a book with a great story and put on a play with it!!! It helps kids to learn how to fully comprehend the plot line when they are going to stage it in a little production!

3) Have a day of paper airplane creation! Not only is it a great way to use up scratch paper, it is all science!! As they figure out how to manipulate the wings, nose and body they are learning the science of aerodynamics!

4) Color some carnations! Get light colored or white carnations. Then place then in glasses of water that you have added food coloring to. Ask the kids what they think will happen and wait. Not only will you have custom spring flowers, you will also see the capillaries at work!

5) Go cloud watching! You can use this handy cloud deciphering tool that Full of Great Ideas made to go with it. Not only can you make up stories and characters in the clouds but they are learning actual earth science. We learned cloud types in the classroom and due to that I can never remember which one it which;). By learning cloud types in the wild (so to speak) it will be in everyone’s memory for ever!

6) Go to your local zoo! My kids love the Fresno Chaffee Zoo! You see the animals, learn quite a bit and get some exercise!

Of course you should also cook with your kids, watch movies and sing songs too! But hopefully these 6 are a good start!

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