How to Start Your Minecraft Horse Farm


This post is here to teach you all about the horse. I like horses in real life but I have only ridden on Minecraft. I am also going to talk about items that are helpful to be used with a horse. But first I will let you know about the animal of the hour himself the horse.

I really like horses but sometimes they can be really hard to find. When you first meet a horse it is wild and it won’t really let you do anything with it. To tame it you need to get on its back by left clicking on it with an empty hand. It will shake you of a couple times and once you see hearts come out then you will have tamed it. Once you have tamed it then you will be able to see its inventory by pressing E on its back then you can put a Saddle

  • Saddles are one thing that you need if you want to be ride any animal. You can’t craft them which can be a big setback but the are a kind of common item in spawned chests. They saddle is the only way to be able to steer a horse on its back.  And you can only put it on once it is tamed.

On its back also you can put on a set of horse armor.

  • Horse Armor is only one piece but it covers all of the horse. There are 3 kinds iron, gold,and diamond. You can’t craft horse armor either and is found sometimes in spawned chests. 

Your horse can die but you can feed it food to regain its health.

  • Sugar heals 1/2 of a Heart
  • Wheat heals 1 heart
  • Apple heals 1 and a 1/2 hearts
  • Golden Carrot heals 2 hearts and breeds them
  • Golden Apple or Enchanted Apple heals 5 hearts
  • Haybale this is one that really is cool it is wheat on every square of the crafting table. They are only used for horses and I haven’t used them before but they are cool.

I hope that you have learned everything that you want to about horses. If not let me know in the comments.


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