Sticky Cheese?

We all have had this happen. We have some yummy dish covered in cheese that then needs to be covered with foil to cook. When you go to look at your lovely creation it has lost some of its cheesy goodness. Well, here are a couple tips that might help.

  • There isn’t a lot of magic in fluffy shredded cheese when baking. So just lightly press down your cheese into you dish.
  • While for freezeing you do want the aluminum as close to the surface as possible, the same isn’t said for cooking. If you are covering something to go right into the oven just add an inch to your length and tent it up a little. The it may look like a little pyramid;).
  • Another thing you can do is lightly (very lightly) spray you foil with a bit of non-stick spray. I don’t do this often but it has helped in the past.
  • If all else fails take a long, thin, straight spatula and scrape you aluminum as you are lifting it off your dish. Then you can save as much of the gooey cheese as possible!

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