Summer Reading Programs

There are numerous studies that show if your kids read over the summer it will keep their brain active and they will do better when they return to school in the fall. So it is even easier to motivate your children to read with a ton of summer reading programs.

Barnes & Noble
– Read 8 books and get a free book!
Fresno Library
-The big kick off is June 16 at the Sierra Vista Mall and it should be a ton of fun!!!
-Keep a reading log and every so many books you can get prizes and food coupons!
-Magic shows, reptiles, etc for under 12
-Craft afternoons for 12-17 year olds
-Even a reading program and activities for adult!
Chuck E. Cheese
-Has printable charts for reading that students can turn in for tokens (year round)
Scholastic Online
-Have your child keep track of the minutes they read and get virtual prizes (games, books, etc)
Book Adventure
-You can set up the reward program for your kids. They read books and take quizzes on them to work toward rewards that you provide. This is a program you can participate in year round!

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