Tackle It Tuesday: Mega Bloks and Little People

We have lots of kids which means we have even more toys. The big cross age toys we have are Fisher Price Little People and Mega Bloksbecause all my kids love to play with them. When we lived in our old house they resided in under the bed bins and they stayed in those bins when we moved to the new house and the toys got placed in the play room. We also have severely outgrown the bins so we couldn’t put the lids on them if we wanted to. But I knew these bins weren’t the best choice but I didn’t want to do boxes with lids because the baby couldn’t get into them. So I was toodling around JoAnns and I saw these large bins on sale for 40% off (about $15). We were able to add a little vertical height and use the bins as shelves for all the larger pieces. Doesn’t it look pretty now? We may end up getting more of these or even the ones half the size. You can stack them straight up or intermix them!

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