Tackle It Tuesday

So this week’s tackle isn’t  glamorous  but it was needed. I organized the 2 youngest kids’ clothes.

Poor Nerdling had his dresser covered in his older brother’s and his  too small clothes. His closet had all kinds of clothes up top. Some were from his brother and some were to small for him. I went through them all! I separated what was to small for him (donation), what will fit him now (drawers) and what was too big (closet).

Then I did the same thing with the baby’s clothes. But I went through them all and came up with 3 boxes of clothes to donate. Also their clothes are finally squared away in their drawers! We can find all their short sleeve shirts and have found all those shorts we knew we had for them! No more waiting and hoping to find them soon! They are ready for summer!

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  1. I am still in the process of organizing and putting away all 3 of the boys clothes. Their rooms are a mess in the process of me doing so. Don’t you feel so much better now that you have gotten it accomplished?!?! Way to go Jackie! 🙂

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