Tackling the “Once in a Whiles” Before School Starts


Is it just me or are the “Once in a while” tasks the things you never get to? The things that always hang around in the background haunting you? Maybe that is a bit melodramatic but still. I feel like I never catch up when these tasks hang around. But if I am on a regular schedule (summer and New Year), everything just feels a little calmer in my heart and mind, not to mention my house! So let’s tackle some “once in a whiles”! (Just a disclosure that this post contains affiliate links that help support this site.)

1)Insurance Coverage: Yes, I know this is one of the most boring things but a necessity for life. Is your car and home adequately covered? How about your life? Have you recently bought a bunch of electronics, computers, or jewelry? If so you may have exceeded your home owners policy limits and need to get a little more coverage. Have a new car or driver? I know that seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised;). But a more likely auto insurance issue: Have you changed your work location or even job? If you are driving less you might be eligible for a discount. And have you checked to see if your job is one of the ones that has a built in discount? You would be surprised. For home and auto we use Bulldog Insurance here in Fresno. Not an ad, we just like them;). When it comes to life insurance… did you have a big life change this year? If you had another child or bought a bigger house you may need extra coverage so get some term life insurance quotes to see what you can afford. 

2)Smoke Detectors: Change all the batteries. Just do it now. It is so much better than your batteries beeping at 3 in the morning and you have to go find new batteries. Not that it has ever happened to me, many times. And if you need a new smoke detector now is the time to get it! If you are like me, if I put it off I will forget. If you are ordering one, get one that is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector so you can cross both off your list. 

3)Air Filter Vents & Ceiling Corners and Cornices: You should actually change your air filters every month but most don’t get around to it.  You also can vacuum them to help keep the filter cleaner. I don’t do it very often because I can’t reach. While you are vacuuming those air filter vents make sure you get the corners of your ceilings where the ceiling meets the walls. Even if you don’t have spider webs! That is how you prevent the spider webs;). 

4)Coffee Pot:  Coffee makes a homeschool mom go. So start the school year right with a clean coffee pot. Run a pot of vinegar through it. Then run multiple pots of water through it so to get rid of the vinegar taste. Remember that the vinegar smell tends to hang around longer than the taste.

5)Light fixtures and Lamps: It is time to give those dead bugs in your light fixtures an honorable burial. Come on, you know that they are there and that their little bodies drive you mad.  Vacuum to the rescue!

6)Makeup: We all have that tube of lipstick that we wear 2 times a year. We all do and don’t feel guilty for that. But that tube is 10 years old and smells funky, you gotta toss it. Makeup has a shelf life and we all tend to have a few bits that have expired. Mascara is one that is often over looked. It is probably that most important to toss. If it has been open for 6 months it is time to part company. Otherwise, you risk infection and for some of us, it means we can’t wear contacts if we get an infection. For the rest of your makeup just give it a look. Is it the same consistency? The same smell it arrived with? Does it still perform well? If any of the answers are no the trash can has a new friend! 

That is it! 6 things that only need to be done once in a while but make a huge difference! Out of curiosity,  which one of these tasks is your nemesis? Mine is the coffee pot, I always forget it until it is super needed!

This is part of my 10 Days to a Better School Year Series! Go check it out!

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