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Brave Family Recipes

I am stoked about Brave coming out on June 22nd!!! But more importantly my kids are stoked to so BRAVE Recipes are a fun family activity. My kids love getting into the kitchen with me and these recipes seem very doable. Forming the Scottish Eggs can be messy but fun with the sausage, I recommend possibly getting some disposable gloves;). And the Skink is a great way to introduce your kids to haddock!

Free White House Cookbook

I love, love, love cookbooks! So I was stoked to see the The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) available free on Kindle download. It is full of great basics and throwbacks. I guess a committee of volunteers donated their time to convert this to an e-book. I love the fact that it is considered a “Cyclopedia for the home”. I love it!!!

This thing has a ton of information! It even has mushroom and cucumber catsup. It is awesome!