Tech Discounts for Students (even Some for Homeschoolers)

Lenovo ThinkPad T400
Lenovo ThinkPad T400

I have always heard of academic discounts on technology but have never seen them outside of a college until a couple of years ago. But even then, homeschoolers were not included and there just wasn’t that much on offer.

Needless to say, I was stoked to see someone mention the site! They have a variety of refurbished laptops at a discount for students (kind of like the name suggests;).

You can pay for specific upgrades and you buy 1 machine! It doesn’t have to be wrapped up in some mass order (though they do that too). It looks like for that you can just order straight off the main page. But if you are a school there are a couple of options. The one that interested me was the homeschool option! You get a further discount from the price on the front page. The discount correlates with the quantity you order. So if you get together with a couple of other homeschoolers, or want to buy a machine for each of your kids;), you can get even better prices.


Want something a little more cutting edge? How about a Surface Pro 3? This one is only for college (or university) students. You can get $150 off this new machine! I think technically it can still be called a tablet but it really is an ultra book! You can type to your heart’s content with the case’s keyboard and play all the games you want;). This deal is currently at Microsoft Stores, Best Buy, Staples and Tiger Direct in the U.S., and Microsoft Stores and Best Buy in Canada. This deal expires September 6th so don’t wait to take advantage.

So there are a couple great tech discounts! So go grab them!

(I am a Lenovo Insider and a Microsoft Champion but this post is all from me;).

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