Tech Tuesday: Bible Resources

It is time for some free/nearly free tech! This week we look at 3 Bible study resources!

First up is the most commonly known, Bible Gateway. Bible Gateway has a super easy to use interface. You can put passages in and then chose which one of many versions (in many languages) you want so see the passage in. You can also do a topical search for verses based on Nave’s Topical Bible. Bible Gateway also has audio Bibles, commentaries and Bible dictionaries. I find the searches a little hit and miss, personally.

E-Sword is a free downloadable tool. It can compare various versions, had all the Strong’s Greek and Hebrew numbers. It also has some commentaries  and some versions that come with it. You can purchase other translations and commentaries fairly inexpensively, then you are buying the access codes so you can can put them on all your computers. E-Sword also has dictionaries, journaling abilities, scheduling and more included for free.  We really like it and I paid the $20 to NASB so I could be off line. I haven’t been using it all that long so I am still discovering all the hidden features;).

The last tool I have for you today is my personal favorite, Blue Letter Bible. Blue Letter Bible has all the features in the other tools, except the audio reading of the Scripture, and so much more! They have maps, audio commentaries, timelines, introductions to the Books of the Bible and more. This is free, online and my all time favorite!!

So here is a little tech for your Bible study. Is there any other tools that you like to use?

Make sure you come back next Tuesday to see what free (or nearly free) tech resource I am going to blog about on Tech Tuesday!

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