Tech Tuesday: Free TV

We here at the NerdFamily house have always loved tv! But we realized that we were just watching a few good programs and a lot of filler. And we were paying $45 for the privilege. So as of January 4, 2011 we have been without cable or a satellite dish for 1 year!

So have we given up tv? Never;). There are many free options on the internet that give you many of the hit shows along with all the filler you have time for.

Hulu: They carry the most free tv. Their quality is high and you will find many cable offerings from USA, Bravo, SyFy and ABC Family. There are plenty of classic shows available and the viewer is a good quality. This is my first choice.  I only go to the rest if what I want to watch isn’t being shown on Hulu.

Fancast: This is Comcast’s viewer. I haven’t found much there that isn’t on Hulu but there are a few TLC shows.

SlashControl: is AOL’s tv viewer. They have most of the same main stream shows but they also have some different classic tv shows. This is where I found the whole series of Scarecrow and Mrs. King (one of my favorite shows ever!). CBS doesn’t play nicely with Hulu. So if you want to watch their shows you have to go to their network site. The viewer isn’t as good as others and they only have 1 episode (occasionally 2) for each show. This has a lot of episodes for CW shows. At one point they had Buffy but that was a while ago;). They have entire seasons of some of their original shows! NerdDad and I just watched entire seasons of the Closer and Leverage! In addition to a bunch girlie Lifetime movies they also show a bunch of their original programming. Including…Project Runway!!!!

You will notice that I have only listed legal viewers. There are various illegal sites out there but…. So, it there any other (legal) places that you get your free tv? If so you really need to share;)! Next week we will talk about other types of online entertainment.

4 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: Free TV”

  1. Great list, thanks! My husband and I no longer have cable either. In addition to watching, we stream or get DVDs of popular TV shows from Netflix also. Thanks for compiling a list – we’ll definitely check out the other websites!

  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing this post, I didn’t know about a few! I haven’t paid for television.. I grew up without cable and it just stuck, I save so much but still hehe

    Have you checked out ABC’s viewer too? They have a great IPad app as well! 🙂

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