The 385th Carnival of Homeschooling

WhateverImageAHi everyone and welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling. For those of you who aren’t familiar with CoH I am sure you are asking what this is;). A carnival is a collection of articles in a post on 1 subject. This one is homeschooling and we have some great posts!

May is a great time to discuss homeschooling. As a current homeschooler, I am using this time to reflect on the past year and plan out next year. I am also talking to a lot of non-homeschoolers who are contemplating what they are going to be doing next year for their children’s education. But enough of me jabbering, lets get to fabulous submissions we have for this week!

Lets look at homeschooling in the news! Corn and Oil look at the Romeike Court Hearing Media Review. They are the German family that are living in Tennessee seeking asylum because they want to homeschool and the German government doesn’t allow it.

There is always a lot of talk about actually how to homeschool. When talking about the logistics of homeschooling the first question is about the validity of the choice! Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog says that Homeschooling is a valid educational choice! At Home and School asks if homeschoolers should use grades at all? Time for Learning talks nuts and bolts of Homeschool Record Keeping. There are so many ways to homeschool! Mommy the Teacher takes a look at online homeschool programs.

Science at the Fair
Science at the Fair

Everyone wants to know what homeschool life is like. But while life may not look same in any two homeschool families, there are some commonalities between some. Well, homeschool can allow the chasing of fancy. Laura Grace Weldon talks about Where Fascination Leads. Life is learning and learning everywhere! Why Homeschool’s middle daughter talks about Homeschooling in Action: The Bus Ride. On Planting Seeds talks about Homeschool Outings and 10 things you can do this week.

I love that Kosher on a Budget just got straight to it with The Homeschool FAQ on why and how they are homeschooling! Milehimama tells us that You CAN Homeschool.

Falling Like Rain is reading a fictional book all about a homeschooler’s life called The Homeschool Experiement.

Hodgepodge reminds us all that the calmness you may see in a blog post or in the grocery store may not be real with Imperfect Homeschool: Drama and Trauma.

Aah, then there is actual academics! Lifelong Learning looks at Boys & Writing: Our Journey. Trivium Pursuit asks, “How Logical Are you?” They discuss red herring arguments with examples. Letters from Nebby talks about the books they let their children read. Den School has a great Memorial Day Clip (Creative Learning in a Pinch) that is a great mini unit!

Joyous Lessons talk about their trip to the museum and the art of nature. It looks like so much fun! Tea Time with Annie Kate tells us all about Homeschool Gardening. We just planted our garden too!


And that brings our fabulous carnival to a close! Make sure you read all the wonderful pieces and comment to let the writers how much you appreciate them!!! And then participate in next week’s carnival that will be hosted over at Forever, For Always, No Matter What. You can get all the details on how to what to do over at Why Homeschool!

Have a great week and enjoy homeschooling!

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