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So life around here has been quite crazy lately. I am going to try to catch up those of you who care (the rest of you can skip to the next post;) and possible whine a bit. So please have patience. I also wanted to blog a little because it seems like there aren’t many adults out there with veinous malformations. If you are one, trust me, you are not alone.

I had another treatment in Stanford for my veinous malformation. I am still recovering from the tissue breakdown from the last time but I wanted to keep going to get this all over with. Since I had another area the doc could work on, he was game. But now I am dealing with the after effects of having the procedure done.

First off I am trying to avoid my tissue from dying. Apparently when you try to kill off blood veins they like to fight you and cause problems and the agent that is used can (doesn’t always) kill off some skin. Because this last procedure is on my backside, I am laying on my side. By staying off of the treated area more blood flows to that skin which promotes its health and growth. It is interesting to lay on you side and type;). But the pain from this is highly manageable and is uncomfortable but not horrible. It is just really annoying to not be able to get anything done around my house. I understand the house will always be here but it was still very exciting when 2 friends showed up Friday to clean! Heather and Bethany got quite a bit done around here that desperately needed doing (like mopping and vacuuming). I love you 2!

But then there are other issues. For this kind of procedure they put you completely out for the procedure. That always means (for me) that it takes me a few days to a week to recover. I tend to be a little foggy and tired but it just wears off and I am usually fine.

My bigger problem is my throat. Often when an anesthesiologist knocks you out they put a tube down your throat to make sure you breath. This can often result in a sore throat for a day or 2. It rubs and irritates the skin. For me I am usually fine within 24 hours. Well, I don’t know what the docs did to me this time but I am miserable and hurting. My throat isn’t just surface sore. My uvula is swollen, I can feel it moving and gags me. The pain is with hot or cold. I can have a little sip of something it is ok, but the second one will burn. Or if I am lucky it burns afterwards. The burning is on the surface, in the neck muscles and in my ears. The only thing that isn’t painful is tepid water. A couple days ago I could have slightly warm Starbucks Frappachinos, liquid jello, room temp cream soup. Last night and today, I can’t stand any of it. I tried fruit smoothies and the acid in the fruit juice almost killed me. I did have a very soft scrambled egg last night but it was quite painful too. I may call my doctor tomorrow but I am afraid they are just going to say to give it time.

So that means that I am a lot of fun. I am having to take the strong pain meds to manage the throat pain. This means I can’t drive and I don’t think real well;). Even when I am not trying to drink anything my whole neck just aches. So I have been waking up at night just miserable. Because one of the only things that has been going down half way is Starbucks, between the caffeine and the meds I am neither really awake nor can I sleep well. And for those who don’t know me IRL, I am huge. I say that so you know how hard it is not eating. I find all I am doing is thinking about food. Most of what I have been sucking down is sweet so all I want is protein that has no cream base to it;). What I would give for a steak. My doc also has me on a steroid so all I want to do is cry about how hungry I am;). How sad and pathetic is that?

So now my whine is over. Please have some mercy if my posting isn’t at top quality but since I am sitting more I am trying to post more. I will take any extra prayers you want to throw out! Thanks.

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