The Old Schoolhouse: Digital Version

I used to get the paper version of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. It would come and I could pour over it for a week or two. The most frustrating thing was figuring out what 1 person I would share an article with. But then budget cuts hit the NerdFamily and unfortunately magazines were sad victims. As budget regulated I realized that I didn’t have time to pour over a magazine between blogging and homeschooling. I have to say that I felt I was missing an enrichment that I was getting before. I don’t belong to an ISP and this was support group.

Well, with the arrival of the digital version all is right(and maybe even better) with my world. First of all it is like 30% cheaper than the paper version. Being a cheapskate and a mother of 4, that is always a good thing. I love that it is portable and searchable. Since I do everything on my laptop now, I love being able to just pop over and read an article when I have a couple of minutes. You can even download it so you can read a piece when you aren’t online.

Now I have a strange confession, I love the fact you can click a button and forward an article. So when you have that new homeschooling friend who needs to read that encouraging piece or that naysayer who needs a little “information” that is firmer than your word;), just email it.

The reader is really smooth. I have to say that I was braced for a pdf format so the nifty little reader was a breathe of fresh air. You can adjust your sizes to fit your screen or the font size you need, your choice! Another cool thing is about the links. Everything is already web enabled so there isn’t any more of the trying to remember to make a note of the web address and getting to it later.

Obviously I love it so go check it out!

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