The SchoolRoom Conundrum

Would a schoolroom be nice to have? Yes. Do we have space? Yes. Do we have an official schoolroom? No.

Now my best friend has a super cute schoolroom. She has her desk for her craft projects and a table for the kids. She has shelves with all their stuff and even has toys in there. I love the idea of it but it just never seems to work out here. I think we just don’t lean towards isolating while we work. I mean I have an office yet I am typing this in my great room while one kid works at the kitchen table and the rest of them watch Cyberchase;).

So instead of a schoolroom we have school areas. We have a nook with the kids’ computer and book shelves, a bookshelf that holds all their school books and special papers in the office, and a craft cart that has all their crafting supplies. We tend to do the reading on the couch or in bed;). Then the actual book work happens at the kitchen table. So we don’t contain ourselves to just a room;).

That is the joy of homeschooling! You can do what ever works for you and yours! Will we ever have a school room? Probably when the kids can handle working more independently but not quite yet.

Where do you do school? Do you have an official school room? Let me know!

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  1. I long ago found that even if we had the space a dedicated school room doesn’t work for us. The kids end up wherever I am and I always end up in the kitchen/family room areas. So, our school stuff (book shelves, computers, school supplies, etc.) live in the family room, and most of school takes place there.

    Anyway, Thank you for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School blog hop.

  2. I totally get what you are saying-for years that is how it had to be for us…but I got sick of not finding my stuff or running all over the place to get it-so I caved, and dedicated a room to the storage and workbox units. B/cuz our house is mostly an open floor plan-it doesn’t feel like we’re cornered into just that space…so it works. But hey-you have a great plan that works for you all (and after all the reading I am doing on these blogs-you are not alone). Have a fun year ahead.

  3. We have an official classroom that we do not use and a kitchen table where we do everything. It just sorta works out that way.

  4. Definitely, there are all kinds of different learners and preferences in the hsing world, and that’s part of what makes hsing so great!

    I love your blog title- we’re nerds too. 🙂

  5. We have never had a separate schoolroom. In this house, we don’t have space. In our old house, we did but never got around to making it a school or class room. The kitchen table and couch work pretty well for us so far.

  6. Our family is like yours, we do whatever works best at the moment. Usually we’re curled up in the big reading chair or spread out on the living room floor. Different supplies are stored in different places, although I am working on figuring out a way to get that more centralized.

  7. Love your post. We don’t have an official school room either. I wouldn’t mind a room or nook to keep things organized, but for now things are spread all around. I’ve posted pictures of our “school” home on my blog. Feel free to stop by and take a gander. 😉

  8. We just reorganized to have a school room but I have a feeling that little or no school will be done in there. I have a feeling that games and scrapbooking and coloring books and Bionicles will be on that table a lot more than handwriting or math.

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