The Ubuntu Way

Thanks for joining my for Tech Tuesday! Did you know that Linux has surpassed Windows in instillations? But that is mostly on professional machines like web servers and data centers. I think it is time that we see widespread acceptance of Linux on personal computers! Which brings us to the star of this week’s Tech Tuesday: Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is a free Linux operating system and it rocks! Before you all panic, you can install it so you can dual boot (when you can boot up in Ubuntu or Windows).  But why? It is a system maximizing operating system! We have it installed on a kids computer that only has 512 of ram and the kids have no problem playing all their internet games! It doesn’t crash and it runs so much faster than the same system would run on Windows!

Some people tell me that they don’t want Ubuntu because of all the Windows programs they like. Well, a lot of these problems are eliminated by either living in the Google Cloud (with Google Docs) or by using Open Office. I have found that Open Office can convert most documents for me and save them back to a Windows readable format. Anyone can send you a pdf if all you need is the information.  And I do have a dual boot system to help me print my coupons but that is all I use it for;).

Ok, so you all can see I love Ubuntu! Get it, use it, love it;).

Have you used Ubuntu? What is stopping you from using it? Or are you using it and loving it? Let me know!

One thought on “The Ubuntu Way”

  1. I have not yet used Ubuntu yet or any Linux OS. But I want to get a hold of a copy and use it, I just have not had the chance yet to be so lucky. As for the number of Ubuntu installations, I am not surprised by this news. We all know that Ubuntu has been popular among Windows users and is safer. However, now that it is growing I am sure hackers will start hacking into the system before long.

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