Thinking Presents for Kids and Families


Kids, do they really need more junk? You know the stuff I am talking about. The doll that gets tossed aside after the initial hugs. The character figurine that is boring before the movie it is even on dvd. I personally like to try to buy presents for kids and families that teach a little something or just get your mind sharp! Here are a few of our families favorites!!!

Snap Circuits: These good old fashioned fun! These are a bunch of components that you can make over 300 projects with. They snap together and you don’t need to know any electronics. But you will be able to pick up some great electronic knowledge.

My First Science Kit: This is an 8 activity kit with science experiments all centered around color and color mixing. It is for ages 4 and up so it really is for most ages. I do recommend doing it in the kitchen;).

No Stress Chess: This is a great way for beginners to master chess with out having to suck all the fun out of the game. You basically draw cards to dictate the play in order avoid being overwhelmed by choices. And if you out grow the cards don’t worry because it is a standard chess game too!

Knights Treasure Chest: This is a collection of fun activities and booklets surrounding the knights! There is a catapult kit and a signet ring and wax for seals! This is a great gift to bring history to life.

 Ticket to Ride: This is a great game! You build trains and then pick up and deliver loads around the country. There are also versions of this for Europe, India and Africa too. It is a ton of fun for the whole family. NerdFamily Dad and I play without the kids and with friends all the time. Love this!!!


These are some great gifts! And don’t worry, you can get them in 2 days if you have Amazon Prime. If you don’t have it yet you can try it out for a month for free.


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  1. I totally agree with you. My kids do not need anymore toys or junk that gets thrown to the side a week or two later. It’s going to be a more simple Christmas this year. Thankfully my boys do not want much, but they are only getting two gifts each & stockings. We got them a board game, video game & a scooter. This is actually how they prefer it to be this year, which is awesome! My nephew loves the snap circuits and that will be going on my wish list to get my boys for another occasion. ­čÖé

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