Tie Buddies

Ok, I admit it. My oldest child, who will be 8 in June, couldn’t tie his shoes until last couple of weeks. We bought NerdBug the neatest Spiderman shoes last fall, thinking that would encourage him. But no, no shoe lace tying. That was until I got Tie Buddies. These are little plastic pieces that slip onto shoe laces to work almost as a pull tab. This helps get over the hardest part, forming and keeping the loops. You get directions that are easy to follow.

At less than $8 these are a great deal. I admit, it is an especially good deal for me because I have another 3 kids that I am going to use them with. But even with one, it would totally be worth it.

I love these! And the NerdBug loves these! He looks cool sporting his nifty SpiderMan shoes. So go check them out and tell me how much you and your kiddos love them too!

(A FRN Review)

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