Time for Learning Review

My Nerdlings and I recently got the opportunity to use the Time for Learning. Basically this is an online educational service. You sign your kids up individually and enter their academic level. Then they log in and complete lessons that are organized by subject. Time for Learning tracks time spent on each lesson, score and activity type so parents can go in and review the basics of what their kids are doing. You even have the option of printing a report for your academic records.

The price basics are:
Subscription Costs:
$14.95/month per additional child
14 day money-back guarantee
No contracts
Cancel at any time

So what did we think? The kids liked it well enough. It was a centralization of academic activities but was it worth the price? Not for me. I could look at the subject and basic details of what an assignment was but when my kids didn’t score 100 I would have liked to look and see what they got wrong so we could correct it. You can’t see any of the actual work they did. Also, and this isn’t a big deal, NerdBug did the playground time (a reward for getting their assignments done) and it took him to PBS Kids. I don’t have a problem at all with PBS Kids but it was the fact it took him outside the system that bothered me.

The user interface was a bit clunky because the kids had to listen to every explanation (“Click here when your done”, for example) before they could do anything. My kids who have been on a computer for years found that a bit annoying.

Frankly, if you are friends with your Google I think you can collect enough sites to not need a service like this. But if you are not real internet savvy or don’t want to spend the time, it is a nice service.

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