Tips to Enjoying Fireworks with Kids

The 4th of July is a really big deal over here, lets be honest, because of the fireworks. It is great fun for kids and adults alike. But when you are dealing with any activity that has fire, explosions, and is after bedtime things can get a little stressful. But doing fireworks at home with the kids can be fun and enjoyable with a little planning and strategy!  

1) Be clear about when you will start doing fireworks! Nothing drives everyone crazy more than adults say later & the kids have no idea what that means so they keep asking when! Save everyone the grief and give a time a little later than when you think you will actually start!

2) Give the children something specific to do while you are waiting for it to be dark enough. There is so much anticipation that it will be hard for the kids to find something to do so help them out! Have a movie or a craft for them to do or be specific on what you want them to build with Legos. It will help keep everyone sane and out of your hair!

3)Lay out a blanket for them to sit during the fireworks. This gives them a safe, clear area to be in and it is easy to monitor. You also don’t have to make sure that they are sitting nicely or not ricking back in a flimsy outdoor chair.

4) Have something for them to do during the fireworks. There are those lulls while you are setting up, lighting and resetting fireworks. This is a perfect time for a little dessert. We also always do the glow dark bracelets from the Dollar stores. It keeps their hands busy so they don’t get restless. Make sure you have enough glow in the dark bracelets so if 1 doesn’t work or if someone wants another color there is no fighting.

5) Be clear ahead of time about the children’s involvement. Will they get to light 1 firework during the night? Will they get to play with the Morning Glories? What ever will or won’t be happening should be talked about before the fireworks begin so expectations are set.

6) Have a plan for when the fireworks are over. In our house everyone picks up their dessert stuff and bracelets and goes inside. We say goodbye to any friends that are over. Then they throw the garbage away and then go 1 by 1 from oldest to youngest to brush teeth and put on their pj’s. By the time they are done, Dad is done cleaning up and they are ready for bed. A little structure makes them focused and calmer!

With just a little planning you and your kids can have a fun and safe 4th of July!!!

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  1. Watching firework display is really an exciting one. This is also a good time to have family bonding which every member of the family is really enjoying themselves. Waiting for the fireworks is really make the kids more excited and sometimes gets bored. Thanks for sharing your tips its really make the kids busy and totally forgets the waiting time.

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