Top Chef 11/19

So everybody strap in. Based on the commercial I can’t wait. I got my tivo and a little chocolate so lets go!

Quickfire Challenge:

Guest judge is Donatella from the Iron Chef judging panel!!! Their challenge is to make signature hot dogs and they were competing against Angelina Deangelo, who has a world famous hot dog stand. They had 45 minutes and there was panic! It looks like some people made actual dogs and some manipulated existing dogs.

Jill-summer roll with existing dogs
Radhika-kabob dog with lamb, pork and chuck
Daniel-pork hotdog with horseradish mustard
Eugene- Maki roll with pita and boursin cheese
Hosea- Pork dog with roasted pepper and bacon
Stefan- Italian sausage in French bread with cheddar and tartar sauce
Carla- lamb and pork sausage with sauerkraut
Ariane- chicken sausage with bacon
Fabio- Andoille with goat cheese, roasted bell pepper
Jamie- pork and beef sausage with bacon and onions (had bone in the meat)

Jill and Stefan were on the bottom. Radhika, Fabio and Hosea were on the top. Radhika won and therefor got immunity in the Elimination.

Elimination Challenge:

They had to create a 3 course “New American” lunch menu for 50 New Yorkers. Each person will be responsible for one dish.

The fun twist in this (that I saw in the commercial) is that it is at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant and the 50 customers were the New York chefs who didn’t make the show.

So I can’t believe Jill got Ostrich eggs if she doesn’t even know how to open it. Fabio has a very interesting thing that is going to keep the outside of the olive solid and liquefy the inside. I am curious t see more about this. I think Ariane knows that her dessert isn’t good enough and is to sweet but has given up.

Appetizer Group:
Fabio- Beef Carpaccio with Arugula Salad, Parmesan and Spherical Olives
Hosea- Chilled Crab with Citrus Vanilla Dressing, Mango and Avocado
Jamie- Chilled Sweet Corn Soup with Chili Oil and Mint
Melissa- Grilled Avocado, White Peaches, Nectarines with a light Balsamic Vinaigrette
Leah- Yukon Potato, Seared Scallops with Chives and Green Peppercorns

Entree Group:
Stefan- Pan Seared Halibut with Micro Greens, Ravioli, Champagne Sauce and Dill
Alex- Grilled Pork Tenderloin over Potato with Mushroom, Tomato and Red Beet Demi-glace
Eugene- Open Meatloaf Sandwich with Ciabatta, Gouda Fondue and Portabella Ragout
Jill- Ostrich Egg Quiche with Rice-Pecan crust, Asparagus, Aged Cheese
Jeff- Southern Chicken, Honey Mustard and Chorizo Spoon Bread

Dessert Group:
Carla- Rustic Apple Tart with Ginger Peach Tea, Apple Cider Reduction and Cheddar Cheese
Ariane- Lemon Meringue Martini with Vanilla Cookie Crunch and Cherry Surprise
Daniel- Ricotta Pound Cake with Toasted Pistachios and Strawberry Lemon Coulis
Richard- Sandwich of Banana Nut Bread, Peanut Butter and Banana Brulee with Grape Gelato
Radhika- Citrus Avocado Mousse with Chocolate Wontons and Kahlua shot

Tom and his chef were expediting all the orders. The judges seemed to really like Jamie’s but not Hosea’s at all. One of the guests nailed that the crab was out of a can. A diner said that Leah’s scallops were sandy. Apparently Fabio’s olives were like egg yolks and seemed to be a hit with the judges. A diner said the Jill’s quiche was dog food and Donatella said it was gluey. I am going to say that is bad, very bad. Padma spit out Ariane’s dessert because it was so sweet. They thought Radhika’s was a sweet guacamole. They thought that Carla’s was good but the Cheese looked bad on the plate.

Judges Table:

Tom starts off with the group that everyone set up their stations well but the food over all was unimpressive. First up to the judges table were Ariane, Fabio, Jamie, Hosea, Carla, and Jill. They liked Carla’s patry but wished she could have worked the cheddar right into the dish. They liked Fabio’s dish. They really liked the olives. Also they liked Jamie’s corn puree. The winner was Fabio.

Now on the other side of the coin. Hosea got slammed for his dish not being well seasoned. They said Ariane’s was boring and Padma spit it out. Tom said Jill made the Ostrich egg boring and Gail said it didn’t taste good. Jill said the pressure got to her and just really defended it poorly when Gail asked what she would do differently.

In the end Jill was out. I am predicting that Ariane is the next one out. But come back next week and see if I am right.

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