Top Chef 12/3

As we get closer to Christmas life is crazy but it makes a Top Chef break all the more enjoyable.

Only 1 member of Team Rainbow left, awww.

Quickfire Challenge:
The guest judge is Rocco Dispirito. It looks as if it is the breakfast challenge. They need to create a breakfast amuse-bouche. They have 30 minutes and Rocco recommends they use bacon! It looks like time ran out on a few of them. There are a lot of bacon and egg dish. They did ding some of the chefs that they didn’t actually do breakfast and an amuse-bouche (which is only 1 bite). The bottom was Daniel with his cornflake crusted zucchini flower (to sweet) and Fabio with his brioche with brulee banana and espresso shot (to desserty). The top was Stefan with his huevos rancheros in the egg, Leah with her perfect bit of bacon quail egg and cheese, and Jamie with her bacon egg and cheese. The winner was Leah. She got a copy of Rocco’s new book.

Elimination Challenge:

The chefs had to create a dish for a 2 1/2 minute presentation for a live tv segment. Then they will also do their presentations 1 at a time for the judges in the kitchen. They have $100 and 30 minutes to shop.

I was impresses that 3 of the chefs asked to cut their own meat behind the counter. At least then they can have complete ownership of the product they produce. Alex picks a dessert and I think that is a great choice for tv because people always want to make a cool fancy dessert. As someone who has done quite a few cooking demos for Pampered Chef (I understand that it is low level cooking) I am entertained how they are trying to figure out how to do the demo. Leah seems to be planning on needing her immunity. Daniel and Jamie seem to have tv experience so we will see if that helps them. Daniel says he lights up in front of the camera. I don’t know about that.

Ariane – Beefsteak Tomato Salad with Watermelon and Feta
Eugene – Tuna Sashimi and Pea Shoot Salad
Hosea – Crispy Ahi Tuna Rolls with Wasabi Peas
Fabio – Tuna with Roasted Carrots and Asparagus Salad
Leah – Duck Breast with Corn and Blueberry Hash
Jamie – Salad with Duck Egg, Bacon and Caviar
Melissa – Blackened Habenero Shrimp
Alex – Rose Infused Creme Brulee
Jeff – Malfouf Roll with Shrimp and Muhammara Rice
Daniel – Ginger Soy Skirt Steak and Cabbage Salad
Stefan – Minestrone Soup with Pancetta and Herbs
Carla – Tortilla Soup
Radhika – Sweet Shrimp and Cucumber Salad

Then we started the demos for the judges. Ariane seemed to get through the presentation pretty smoothly.
Jamie’s white on her duck egg didn’t set up during the demo.
Alex didn’t finish in time, the judges didn’t like is and he didn’t finish his demo on time.
Jeff used odd ingredients and crazy names.
Daniel had a lot of smoke with his steak but it was good. He was also very personable.
Stefan was uming out the door but he was ready for a swap out so that was a good sign.
I was shocked that Melissa’s shrimp were so spicy that Tom had to spit it out.
Then Carla, Radhika and Leah ran out of time. Then Leah said bad words;).


Of course they talked about Jamie’s raw egg. They also mentioned that Leah didn’t have any confidence and it is good she had immunity. Alex just didn’t think it out. Carla kind of made Rocco uncomfortable. Tom didn’t like that Daniel smoked out the studio and the mugging was bad. They thought that Stefan did well but his personality didn’t gell. They thought Jeff did well and pulled it together. Fabio was a ball and they liked Ariane. The bottom was Melissa, Alex and Jamie. The top three were Fabio, Jeff and Ariane. Then they sent them home and said that they would see them in the morning at Judges Table.

Alex is getting married in a month and seems to possibly ready to go. So Melissa is getting ready to fight for her life.

The next morning at 2am Chef Tom showed up and woke up the top three. He was sending them to the Today show to have hosts judge the winner live on tv. Jeff is pissed that he has to serve his food to these ladies with unsophisticated palates at 6:35am. Wasn’t he told to think of the home chef? If that is the problem he has no one to blame but himself.

Radhika was a good sport watching them on tv. Poor Ariane, Merideth hates watermelon. Poor Fabio couldn’t understand the chaos. They seemed puzzled by Jeff’s and then Kathy Lee had to go spit it out. Ariane won!!!! The guys were a little pissed.

Judges Table:

Ariane won about 2 dozen of Rocco’s favorite tools and she will be presenting a dish on the Today show the day after the episode airs. Her resturant is right out side of NY. Can you imagine the bump it is getting regardless of her winning or even going a week farther?

Then it was the bottom’s turn. When Padma asked how Melissa thought it went. Well, she shocked me because she thought it was just a little to spicy for some people. They all slammed her that.

Jamie realized that her egg was raw. Tom recommended next time that she should flip the egg.

Alex said the whole point of the competition was to push yourself. I love the fact the Tom pointed out that the point was to win. Tom also pointed out that a creme brulee was impossible to do in an hour to begin with.

The judges don’t like that Melissa defended her spice level. Rocco really didn’t like Jamie’s because she recoiled at the end when she failed.

In the end Alex was out!

So what did you all think? Let me know and I will see you next week.

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