Top Chef 4/2/8: Live Blog

So I am sitting here with a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream watching Top Chef. So prepare for my sarcasm as it comes;).

So we are starting with our quick fire with guest judge Daniel Boulud. The challenge is to create a vegetable plate with 3 techniques to impress. I am with Lisa in the get done mentality over fancy techniques. (I would love to learn them though!)Ok, I thought it was going to just be knife skills. But some of them were doing quinels (I may have spelled it wrong;) and supremes, I can do all that. I guess I am better than I thought;).

Spike is talking about doing scallion curls with a tool to cut it for him and then dunk them in water. I have to say I saw that on crudite plates as a child. Then to use a tool to cut it?!?!? But dude what did Spike do to that mushroom? He called it a tournee and looked cool. Is that just the cool cutting or is there flavor in it?

The winner of the quick fire was Dale with an Asian inspired plate. It seemed really interesting and there were definitely knife skills there.

The Elimination Challenge is to create a dinner where each course is inspired by your favorite movie. It is a 6 course meal and they will cooking in pairs. As a reward for winning, Dale got to pick who to cook with and he joined with Richard and Andrew for the first course.

So the team of Richard, Andrew and Dale are 1st course and are going with a Willie Wonka theme. (Smoked Salmon with faux caviar and wasabi white chocolate sauce)

Spike and Manuel are going with Good Morning Vietnam for 2nd course. (Summer Roll with Chili Rubbed Chilean Sea Bass and Pickled Swiss Chard)

Jen and Nikki are 3rd course with Il Postino. (Tortellini with Cavolo Nero, Ricotta, Pecorino, Squash and Peppercorn)

Ryan and Mark have 4th course and are going with A Christmas Story. Ryan doesn’t know the difference between New England and New Zealand. This doesn’t not speak well of his intelligence. (Quail Breast with Carrots Puree, Cranberry Chutney and Quail Spring Roll)

Antonia and Zoi have 5th course with Talk to Her. (Rack of Lamb with Cauliflower Saffron Puree and Romesco)

Lisa and Stephanie have the 6th course with Top Secret.(New York Strip Steak and Braised Short Rib and Apple Potstickers with Carmel Sauce)

Andrew wanting to go out to the guests as an UmpaLumpa is kind of freaking.

Lisa and Stephanie’s steak looks so good!

Richard is using his electric smoker again but this time it quits working. It appears they are trying to jerry rig something but they end up having to abandon it.

Padma called course 2 dead on. They wanted to do Vietnamese cooking and then went trolling for a movie. What was up with the little odd piece of chard on the side.

I thought when Mark and Ryan was talking about the scene from the Christmas Story where they went and ate duck. I was shocked we didn’t hear anyone ask where the duck was.

The 5th course seemed to go off kilter. The girls talked about vibrancy but the plate was boring looking.

There seemed to be a lot of Asian influence in the steak dish and I don’t remember that much in Top Secret. But one of the guests hit my pet issue on the head. She said that none of the components were something she could make at home and that scored well for her.

Richard and his Willie Wonka team won the challenge!

Talk to Her and Good Morning Vietnam was in the bottom. It was real clear right away that someone from Good Morning Vietnam was going to eat it. The question is, the leader that led into a ditch or the fool who followed? The follower, Manuel, got sent home.

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