Top Chef Masters (7/8)

So here we meet again. I am feeling a poorly so I am not going to be tracking with to much detail. More snark though;). Let us see who are chefs are this week!

We have Mark Peel (name is familiar), Douglas Rodriguez, Anita Lo (who I have seen on stuff, maybe Top Chef), and one of my favs John Besch!!! I really thought John Besch was going to be the new Iron Chef. Anita always looks tough and a little angry.
The Quickfire is the egg challenge. They had to cook them with 1 hand behind their back. Gail is back as one of the quickfire judges. If Mark’s is edible he should win just because he made a pasta. John was a total mess. I don’t understand why his egg wasn’t cooked.
Mark: 2 1/2 stars
John: 1/2 stars
Douglas: 3 stars
Anita: 5 stars
So the Elimination Challenge is to make a dinner for Neil Patrick Harris and some friends. They have to make a dish based on the aspect of magic they each got (mystery, spectecle, illusion and surprise). I had no idea that John Besch was a Marine right out of high school! I really have my doubts about John’s tableside horseradish sorbet. I like that Tom was in the kitchen talking to the chefs. He needs to do that every week. I like having Gail Simmons back as a judge.
I think Mark’s en pappiotte was a success. John’s horseradish and creme fraiche seemed to go well. I think Anita’s illusion worked well but the plate just seemed off to me. Maybe it is just that so much of her sea scape was hidden. Douglas’s plate was just dangerous. I think if there was going to be flame element but it should not have been a slow burning flame.
Taste wise I think that Mark and Douglas might have done the best. But I think for concept I think Anita did hit it on the head.
John: 12 stars
Mark: 18 1/2 stars
Anita: 22 1/2
Douglas: 13 stars
So Anita is moving on! So what did you all think?

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