Top Chef Masters: The Race to the Goal!

So now we are down to the final 6 chefs who are going for the big payoff! 1 chef will be eliminated this week but who? The winning chef for this week will get another 10 grand for their chairty. Let’s jump in!

So this week’s classic quickfire. They had to draw knives for teams. They have to the the “mise en place relay race”. I love this challenge! The guys probably haven’t had to do their own prep for a long time. Tom Collichio will be judging this challenge. They need to open 15 oysters, dice 5 onions, butcher 4 chickens then seperate 5 eggs and beat the white so they stay in the bowl when it is upside down. The winning team will get an advantage, so I assume that the big challenge will be in teams. Art totally kicked Hubert’s butt in the onion chopping challenge. Rick skunked Art on the egg whipping so the Salt team won. The winning team all got 5 stars for their performance and the losing 4 each.
Pepper: Suzanne, Michael, Art
Salt: Hubert, Anita, Rick
Then they each have to make their signature dish to show the other chefs about them. My guess is that they will each have to recreate someone’s signature dish.
Hubert: Lobster and Truffle Cappuccino with Corn Madeline
Art: Seared Grouper with Hearts of Palm, Trumpet Mushrooms and Meyer Lemon Zest
Anita: Seared Sea Scallop with Potato Puree, Sea Urchin and Mustard Greens
Michael: Fennel Balsalmic Quail with Mosto Cotto Mostardo and Sauteed Greens and Roasted Apples
Suzanne: Chopped Sirloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce and Fried Egg
Rick: Rack of Lamb & Black Pasilla Chile with Mission Figs
For the elimination challenge they have to take a competitor’s dish and put their spin on it. Hubert got to choose (since he went twice in the relay). So he choose to do Anita’s so she had to do his. Then the knife pull. Art was doing Suzanne’s, Suzanne was doing Art’s and Michael had to do Rick’s (though he didn’t want to) with Rick doing his. It looks like they can ask questions of the chefs. They shopped together and were talking. Watching Anita was funny because her lobster tried to walk away;).
Art: Ground Lamb Scotch Eggs, Sweet Potato Fries and Tomato Tart
Rick: Quail with Parsnip and Prosciutto stuffing over Wild Greens
Suzanne: Roasted Grouper with Gnocchi, Peas, Bacon and Parsnips
Hubert: Seared Scallop with Cream of Sea Urchin over Fingerling Mashed Potatoes
Michael: Rack of Lamb stuffed with Fig Mostarda, Chickpeas and Fried Chickpeas
Anita: Corn Chawanmushi, Champagne Gelee and Lobster Biscuit Sandwich
Service and Judging:
Some thought Art’s egg was over cooked but everyone thought it really represented Art. Rick really stepped outside his style but good. Suzanne’s gnocchi was cold and her fish was overdone. Hubert’s sauce didn’t have enough of a sea urchin flavor. Some thought that Michael’s food was bland and too rare. Anita’s dish seemed to be a hit! Based on just what the diners said (former Top Chef Masters contestants) Michael or Suzanne will be going home and Anita is winning. The judges liked both Hubert and Anita’s dishes but Hubert did get told that it was not enough sea urchin. Art got hit about the lamb being to rare and the egg being to done. Suzanne got hit about cold gnocchi and over cooked fish. Rick was just praised. Michael got tagged for his lamb being to rare and too much of his own. Michael wanted to respect Rick. A judge asked if he care more about what Rick thought than the judges and Michael said yes.
Hubert: 21 1/2 stars
Anita: 24 stars
Art: 15 stars
Suzanne: 14 1/2 stars
Rick: 23 stars
Michael: 18 1/2 stars
Anita won! But Suzanne lost. I don’t find that surprising but I didn’t think it was going to be so close with Art.
See you next week! Next week they will be catering for Zoe Deshanel (I probably spelled that very wrong;).

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