Top Chef Vegas!

I have decided to take another tack about Top Chef. More snarky, less explanations, and a little assumption that you all have seen it. Tell me if you like this style more….

I really hope Jennifer stops her nose dive. We know she is good so what happened? And what the heck is Robin still doing here? I am assuming the show is cut to make her look bad because based on what we have seen, she shouldn’t be here. Are the Voltaggio brothers going to kill or hug each other?
I love Nigella Lawson!!! She is the guest judge, at least for the quickfire. I don’t really think that a breakfast dish in 30 minutes is really all that unreasonable. I do think that Robin’s blintzes might have been over ambitious and hard for traveling. Apparently this is going to be the episode where Michael and Robin are going to fight. Robin went back into the kitchen to clean and Michael cussed at her and told her to leave. I so wanted to try Kevin’s steak and eggs! I am not sure what Bryan put vanilla in. The polenta? The egg? It must have been the sauce. It wasn’t a surprise that he and Robin were in the bottom. I think Eli deserved the win with his redux of a Reuben.
Casino inspired food is the elimination challenge. This will be interesting. So how much money did each of these hotels pay in order to be featured? I think Robin’s art inspired dish will probably flop big, but it could be good. I am not sure how they are going to cater for 175 people in 3 1/2 hours.
I can’t believe that Robin is making Panacotta. The other thing I am shocked that about is that she is doing something she isn’t real used to doing. Jennifer seems to not be real sure how everything is going tie together. Eli is doing a soup and that has been hit and miss in the catering challenges. Robin’s sugar didn’t turn out. Jennifer’s table was empty when the judges showed up. Then Jennifer’s meat was tough and big. I want to know about “compressed broth”. It sounds interesting but I haven’t heard of it. And when did tomato water become such a big thing? I am with Tom about Robin. Padma was saying that looking at the glass made sense but Tom pointed out it wasn’t served to them. Eli’s carmel apple peanut soup with pulverized popcorn with raspberry sauce sounded fun but risky. No one liked it.
It wasn’t surprising to see Kevin, Michael and Bryan at the top. Bryan did garlic chips again. Since both brothers were up together, I am sure Bryan will be giving Michael a hard time. Tobey said Michael’s food showed his food which is delicate and effeminate and then Michael said that your personality is on a plate. It looked like Bryan was trying to hold in a chuckle. I can hear him giving his brother a hard time because his personality is delicate and effeminate;). After hearing them rave about Michael’s dish it wasn’t a surprise that he won. Michael won a trip and a giant bottle of wine. I wonder if they drank it while the rest went into judging?
Jennifer once again explained why she was in the bottom. And then they all told her how tough her meat was. Robin was once again over ambitious. She didn’t cook the sugar long enough and messed up the panacotta. It seemed like they despised Eli’s grainy soup the most but who knows what that will mean in the end. I like the fact that both Tom and Nigela said that panacotta is an easy dish and Robin got it wrong. And finally Robin is leaving!!!!!
Only 5 left…Who will win?

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