Top Chef Vegas Final Finale!!!

I can’t believe it is finally all over. I haven’t watched the finale yet but I am already seeing the commercials for the reunion show. On to the show and all the snark!

I love the fact that they all have to make 1 course with the exact same ingredients! I also love that 1 of the 3 courses has to be a dessert! Bryan got Jennifer as a sous chef. He hit the mother load. Kevin kind of rooked with the sous chef challenge with Preeti and Ash. They are fine but not as good as Jennifer (Bryan) and Eli(Michael).
As we get into the the 3 hours of prep for the first night poor Kevin. He just Preeti cutting veggies and those aren’t coming out all that well. When they wake up the next morning, Bryan has even drawn pictures of the plates. Did Top Chef take a note from Hell’s Kitchen with the arrival of the mothers? But then even moms bite them because they had to do a childhood memory course. I thought the 3 course was a little light to begin with. At least this season the finalists were smart enough to be looking for the twist.
I love that Kevin put bacon in his dessert. I agree with him that he should get an award from the bacon council! The brothers seemed to be making their kind of food.
The moms were sitting at the service table for the first course. The guys all got just a little more nervous. Bryan specifically got nervous because he didn’t think his mom hadn’t ever had a sardine. Kevin’s was the only course that didn’t have anything bad said about it. Kevin seems to season well where as Bryan doesn’t always. But on the box challenge I think Michael won. Everyone seemed to do well with their meat courses. But Donatelle Arpia called out Michael’s gimmick as just that, a gimmick. Then we get to dessert. Michael knew going into dessert that the cake was over cooked. Kevin’s dessert wasn’t a hit. Bryan seemed to be the winner out of the dessert round.
Is it wrong to say I just don’t want Michael to win? He just has a huge ego but he seems to earn it. Kevin is bounced first. Then it is just the brothers. And, not shockingly, Michael won. It wasn’t a surprise at all but I hope he keeps his ego in check.

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