Happy Birthday Lenovo!!! A Tour of Lenovo History from Beijing!

Lenovo turned 31 last week!! And to celebrate the birthday of my favorite computer company,  here are some of the pictures from my trip to Lenovo in Bejing!


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook you got to see some of the fun I had in Beijing just a few months ago. (For those of you who don’t follow me on all those place you should;) I was so stoked that Lenovo took me to Beijing for their great Lenovo Tech World event as part of the Lenovo Insiders (#LenovoIN) program.  

Before Lenovo Tech World we got to go on a tour at Lenovo’s headquarters! I can not do justice with my pictures or words as to just how informative and cool it was but I am going to try;).  I love the fact that we were taken on historical tour about Lenovo!  Here are just a few pictures!

What a gorgeous view of the Lenovo Main Campus

The Lenovo campus was absolutely gorgeous. Not just from a tech perspective but the buildings and everything! There is plenty of open green space with trees which are perfect for those mental health breaks everyone needs at work;). And they even have a Starbucks on campus!

We got to go through the official Lenovo tour that talked all about their history.

Legend’s first product: The Legend Chinese-Character Card
Did you know that Lenovo (at that time Legend) produced the 1st Chinese Home PC?
YY (the CEO of Lenovo) headed up the original PC Department!
YY (the CEO of Lenovo) headed up the original PC Department!

We also heard about how Lenovo has always been on the cutting edge, not only in actual technology but how they do business. Lenovo’s business practices have been documented and taught for years.

How they treat their employees! I didn’t realize that as Chinese society was changing in the 1980’s and 1990’s it became hard for employees at many companies to buy a home because it used to be part of the job benefits. So Lenovo saw that their employees need help and took the initiative to help their employees get mortgages and buy homes.

When Lenovo bought the ThinkPad business from IBM that created an international company. That is when YY actually began going by YY! He realized how hard it was for the Americans to say his name and in order to prevent any embarrassment he made it a company policy to call him the very informal YY. This in addition to the fact that electric tea kettles were brought into all the American offices and coffee was brought into all the Chinese ones just show what an effort that has been made to create this cohesive company and company identity.

We just got a small glance into Lenovo’s history and it made me respect and admire a company beyond the products that I already adore! It is easy to see why Lenovo is company that creates such loyal fans that span many years and products!

(Yes, Lenovo took me to China as part of the Insider’s program but all thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.)

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lenovo!!! A Tour of Lenovo History from Beijing!”

  1. It’s very impressive to see where Lenovo stood several years ago and where it stands today. Who could have thought ten years ago that a PC maker from China would dominate the PC market anno 2015?

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