Uh-Oh Leonardo

So the Nerdlings and I just read a great story this afternoon before naps. Uh-oh, Leonardo! : The Adventures of Providence Traveler was a book that the NerdPie(4 year old) picked out in the library and I got it without really looking at it. Well, the NerdPie has her mother’s wonderful book taste;). This book takes a little mouse into Leonardo De Vinci’s mousy world. In addition to a great story that encourages science, invention, spirit and self confidence there were pages that gave great historical context. It was done under the guise of being sketches of their surroundings with explanations of what would have been going on and items that would have been found. This is a book that the first grader might have been able to read with just a little help because there were just a few Italian words and names. This is a great kids book that also does teach. We would love to have gotten it as a gift and will be reading it again.

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