Valentine’s Dinner Menu

Every year I make a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home. Traditionally NerdDad picks dinner for me to make and then I pick out dessert. Since NerdDad got me a torch I think you all can figure out what I am making for dessert;). I just need to find a recipe first!

But back to dinner. I often will make filet mignon, new york strip and one year I even made lobster tails. So when I asked NerdDad what he wanted this year I was a little surprised that is asked for a bacon wrapped turkey. I guess my bacon wrapped turkey breast at Thanksgiving was a hit;).

So my line up is simple:
Bacon Wrapped  Turkey (in frig thawing already!)
Mashed Potatoes
Buttery Rolls

What can I say, he is easy to please! What are you eating for Valentine’s? Eating out? Ordering in? Making something yummy?

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