The Villages Of Minecraft


This post is going  to tell you all about the Villages that are formed in Minecraft. The most found structure is the village and that is mainly what I will be focusing on that but there are much more. A Village is the best way to get both carrots and potatoes and there is also wheat, all of which are planted. Villagers are what are found living in a village. You can trade with them by clicking on them and giving them what they want. Also they are the ones who tend to the crops there. There are also torches on blocks of wool that you can get if you need torches or a bed. Be careful at night a village is a place that attracts zombies at night and the can turn villagers into zombies too. There are also  houses that you can live in if you want made out of wood, logs cobblestone and glass windows. There are a couple of specialized buildings found in the village.

  • Church. These are 3 stories and have ladder to connect them. This is mostly made out of cobblestone with a few torches. This is best used for  house, materials, or a lookout post.
  • Blacksmith.  These are often the most helpful buildings. They have lava and iron bars. And there is a room in the back that has a chest with special stuff. This is made out of more of the stuff as the house
  • Library. The only thing notable about this is that there are books in it.

The village is not the only structure. There are dungeons and mineshafts that I will tell you about later, or you can tell me what else there is to the structures of Minecraft.        


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