Through Walk of the California Homeschooling Affidavit (PSA) for 2017-2018

Here is a walk-through of this year’s PSA that independent homeschoolers in California need to fill out. This is only for homeschoolers that do not take part in charter schools and are not included in a larger group that files for you. 

Not any real changes from last year and is still super easy. If you need to get more details on how to homeschool in California you can pop over to How to Start Homeschooling in California for all the information and relevant links. 

(This is not legal advice by any means but a basic walk-through based on my knowledge of 10 years of homeschooling in California. )

10 thoughts on “Through Walk of the California Homeschooling Affidavit (PSA) for 2017-2018”

  1. Hello,
    I am homeschooling my child (will be 5 this summer) starting next fall. What curriculum are you using? I am looking at K12… but not sure if what they offer is in complete compliance with California school board requirements. Do you know how or where I can find those board requirements? Thanks in advance for your guidance! Happy New Year!

    1. I use a smattering of curriculum, there is so much out there! The Department of Education has their standards posted online but you are not bound by them. all you need to do is teach all the basic areas!

  2. Hi there!! I’ve been watching your YouTube videos about homeschooling and I find them so helpful!! I am completely new to all this and I have no idea what I am doing. I recently enrolled my four year old into a charter school with a homeschool program. But now I’m thinking I want to do my own private school. Will I be able to take her out if I don’t like it? She doesn’t turn 5 until November. But her school starts this week.

  3. Hi, I just watched your video on Youtube about PSA. I was told that I’ll need a seal for administrative purposes whenever submitting PSA to various institutions, e.g., test taking. Is there anything specific about this seal, or can it be pretty much anything? Would you mind sending me an image of your seal if you have one? Thanks much!

    1. I don’t have a seal and the US Military has excepted my high school diploma and transcripts for my oldest child.

  4. Hi, I am thinking about homeschooling my 16 year old son next school year. Do I need to inform the school or the school district about it? I read that I need to file a withdrawal form. Thank you for your very informational videos.

    1. You just need to give them a letter that you have transferred them to another school and give them the address and the name.

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