Ways to Play Minecraft



Today I am going to tell you all about the different modes of Minecraft. You are probably familiar with the survival mode which is where you start but did you know there were 4 modes you could play? All of them use the same maps and have the same basic design and were built of the basic survival.

Creative: This is one of my favorites but the NerdDad says he doesn’t see the point of it. In Creative you have access to any block on minecraft and you can fly! Creative is basically a big sand box that you can build anything, and do anything you can think of. I love that in creative you have access to every block even ones you can’t craft and can’t hold in any other mode. Also in Creative if you hit a block it is vaporized so you can’t get the block but you don’t have to dig it out either. If you place a block in Creative the block is still in your hand and the block is place so you never run out of supplies.

Survival: This is NerdDad’s favorite mode. He says he likes it because there is are reason to do and that He doesn’t want to do an art project he wants to play. This is regular you can die you have to dig things out all the basics. 

Adventure:  This is made for specific maps you cannot destroy any blocks unless you have the right tool so a shovel for dirt that sort of thing. I haven’t done any thing with this so you guys should tell me all about it in the comments.

Hardcore: This is almost the same as survival except there no cheats. Also if you die your world is gone. You really die. I don’t play on this much because I am not the best player so I like to be able to die

Make sure to let me know your favorite modes and why in the comments.


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