Weekend Prep for a Sane Week

Is it just me or does it seem like once the school/work week starts it just speeds through until Friday night? I am always looking for ways to make the week days just a little more sane (and therefore a little more enjoyable)!
Things to do on the weekend for a sane week:
1)Have the kids layout their outfits for the week. This is when you actually have time for them to pick out their own clothes (versus, “Just put on what I am handing you, we are running late”)! Just give the final approval. Remember every outfit needs underwear, sock and a shoe plan! And girls need to plan what is going in their hair.
2)Did you just by a 1 pound bag of baby carrots? Take a minute now to portion out 5 days worth straight into baggies!
3)Same thing for that big bag of chips! It is so much more economical to just buy the big bag but it doesn’t have to cost you time during the week!
3)If you using brown bags: put a drink, snack and the carrots in each and start a row in your frig (if you have the room).
4) Make sure all the pencils in the house are sharpened!
5)And make sure by Sunday night all the house’s homework supplies are in 1 spot and ready for homework on Monday.
6) Go over the week’s calendar along with the kids’ school calendars and any work calendars. Will the kids need a permission slip on Wednesday? Library books that are due on Tuesday? Now is the time to get those all organized in an easy access place so they can just be grabbed during the week. Make sure to at least note them on the family calendar!!!
A few steps to take care of those little details that seem to drive us crazy during the week! It really is that simple!

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