WFMW: Bed Sheet Storage

I now have 3 kids that are in twin beds. That is a lot of sheets. So here is what we do to free up the linen closet for the many towels that we also need;). It isn’t rocket science and I am not saying I invented it(I have been accused of such before;). First, I fold all the sheets, put them into the pillow case, and fold the case over to make a nice square bundle. That means everything is neatly contained. Then we have the under bed bins and we place all that kid’s sheets in it (except Nerdling’s because he has a race car bed). You also can put a mattress cover in the bin. The other benefit is if you have to change the sheets in the middle of the night, they are right there.

That is my tip for the week! Go see some more at WFMW!

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