WFMW: Birthday Celebration

My kids all have their birthdays withing 2 months and sometimes it is very overwhelming. Do you give them each a party? If so do you invite all their joint friends to both? Do you have a party for all 3 or just the 2 that are in the same month? What about years like this one? My little girl is June 10th, my c-section is scheduled for the 18th, and the oldest is June 30th. Then we have one more in July. Well, we started doing a special day with just one kid. Last year my little girl (who was turning 3) wanted to go to Toys R Us (where she picked out her brothers’ Birthday gifts), then we went to the school store to get her first school book and then we went to JoAnn’s to get some fairy wings she had wanted for a while. Then just she and I went out to lunch and went home to put her to bed for her nap. Then the birthday kid gets to pick out their dinner (from a list of choices) and the dessert of her choice. My 3 yr old picked out a princess cake while her 5 yr old brother picked out this layered Italian cake he saw on Everyday Italian. My oldest went to see Cars with Dad and the out for burgers and milkshakes. They seemed to not even notice that they didn’t have big party and have talked about it all year. It gives them a little special attention and can take a lot of stress off mom and dad.

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