WFMW: Making the Most of Your Oven

So we collect all these great recipes but never make them because it takes for ever to cook them. Well the best invest I have made in my kitchen (short of my stand mixer) are 3/4 sheet pans with coordinating nonstick liners. Now that is the size that will just fit into my ovens. Full sheet pans were just about 1/2 inch to big.

Getting the biggest pans for your ovens is a blessing. I can cook a whole batch of chocolate cookies (30+) in 12 minutes. I also can make large batches of chocolate almond popcorn around the holidays. This just makes a better use of my time.

Then getting the matching liners saves even more time. Of course they are great because nothing sticks but it also cuts down on the washing. When I make cookies I don’t have to wash the sheet pans just the liners.

I will warn you that I couldn’t find these in a kitchen store (like LinensNThings, William Sonoma, etc) so I just went to a Restaurant Supply store. They aren’t fancy, just the rolled aluminum. Before you fret about them not being the AirBake, stoneware, etc remember this is what the professionals use.

So that is my tip for this week. Go cook and enjoy!

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