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They say the best tips come from where you currently are in life and I hope that is true because that is where I get my tip for this week. We are leaving for a 3 day trip to LegoLand and this will be our first official family vacation. Now of course we have gone places before but this is our first vacation! But as anyone can guess, traveling with 4 kids is always an exercise in chaos!

One of the things we have done for years is to do a pack list! You simply sit down and list everything that you will need. With a trip this size I am planning on doing it on the computer with categories but it is not a necessity. My process is to sit down and write down every possible thing I can think of. Then I tend to carry it around, put it next to my , etc so I can jot down anything that comes to mind.

This time we are taking a larger trip so I am going to put it on the computer with categories. Then you can give each child a pack list and have specific ones for specific rooms (like snacks and food).

1 thing I highly recommend… Once you write out your list with every little thing you want to have I recommend that you go through it with a merciless, editing hand. Do you really need 7 sets of clothes for your kids when you are going somewhere with a washer and dryer? Are you really going to get the time to read 5 books? While it sounds great to have every convenience of home it isn’t great to unload it and pack it back up. Not to mention chasing it and trying not to lose it. So keep it as simple as possible!

A little planning can go a long way on your packing. Then you don’t have to constantly say to yourself or your husband (wife), “Remember to pack”, or worse, “Did you pack?”

Have a great travel season!

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  1. I have packing lists on Excel and then fine tune them for each trip based on how long we are going. I have a basic hotel list, a camping list, and a family camp list (our annual vacation). I’ve used them for about 6 years and the kids are good about following the lists exactly.

  2. Books are not needed, but twice as many clothes as you think you will need and preferably all weather friendly clothes are best! No one wants to do laundry on vacation! Besides, hotel washers are AWFUL and expensive. :))

    I also make a packing list.

  3. Camping in England is just bearable with really good weather… and it’s stock still a great deal a bit nipping at night yet when it’s hot in the Clarence Day . So it can be like doing a penance .

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