WFMW: Schooling with Little Ones

Something I hear often after I say I homeschool is, “How do you do it with all your little ones”. Well, homeschooling a 6 year old when you have a 4, 2, and newborn is a challenge but it can be done. First, take advantage of any of the newborn’s naps. Then invest in some dollar big puzzles and dollar coloring books for the 2 year old. Then only let the 2 year old use those when you are schooling. Then they are his special “school” things. With the 4 year old use peer pressure and preschool work. Get some preschool workbooks and give them the choice to work on it. But if they don’t choose to work on it they have to play in their room or what ever you would let the 2 year old do. And yes I have use the line, “If you aren’t big enough to work on your school work you aren’t big enough to play on the computer while your brother works on his work”. It has worked pretty well so far for me!

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