WFMW: Taming the Treasures

Life creates little treasures. You know what I mean: that lost tooth, the Valentine’s Day picture, the ticket stub from that memorable concert. But I am not a big scrapbooker. So that means that things go into the boxes. But the problem with the boxes is that you end up with piles all over the house that at some point will get put into the boxes. But you need to find a place to put them, make sure that they don’t get mixed in with the other kids (I have 4 kids and all their pictures drawn at 2 look the same;), and so on. So my tip of the day is to use a filing cabinet.

If you are like me, you have a file cabinet. But your family filing probably only takes a drawer or 2. So what I do is take one of those hanging folders for each person in the family. Then you can put in sub-folders if you want. For instance I have a section in NerdPie’s folder that is just for notes and cards from her friends. Then put all of that person’s memories in it. I have teeth in a ziploc bag, cards, photo magnets from VBS, etc. Then when ever you want to do something with it all (scrapbook or just put them into a box) you know where it is and whose it is!
It is the simple things that make life easier;).

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  1. That's a wonderful tip! Unfortunately, my filing cabinet IS jammed pack, so we have to stick with the box system. Maybe someday 🙂

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