Wine Find!!

Ok, I am not a big drinker nor a wine officianado. But since it was Passover I needed a red wine (no, I wasn’t looking for Kosher wines;).

I stumbled into BevMo looking for a Bota wine that was actually recommended by Kelly over at her Thirsty Thursday. Well, they were out of that and so I went in search of something else! Do you know how overwhelming it is to be faced with a ton of wines and no idea on what to choose? Luckily my niece works at BevMo;). I told Jennifer that I like wines liked juice wines that are sweet with a low alcohol burn. She pointed me in the direction of Vino Dei Fratelli’s Casa Rossa.

I have never had a Casa Rossa before but if this is typical, I love it! It was very mellow and fruity. It had a good, smooth finish. I had it both cold and at room temperature. I definitely prefer it at room temperature! I picked it up for $10.99 at BevMo and I am pleased at the price!

I am now out of it and will be picking it up this week! Oh, and make friends with the BevMo people! They have some great knowledge!

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