The Wizarding World of Minecraft

The wizarding world of minecraft potions

This is a little homage to the Harry Potter series. I am going to talk about potions. These may not be what you would be taught by Professor Snape but most of these potions could save your life or kill a nasty monster in the night. Potions aren’t just for battling. There are potions that can make you  breathe under water or make you fireproof. Today I am going to talk about the basics of making potions not all the different recipes for the multitudes of different potions.

When getting ready for your first year potions class you will need a brewing stand and if you like a cauldron(a cauldron is mostly for show cause the only thing it holds is water) and water filled bottles. To make a brewing stand you put a blaze rod in the middle middle and cobblestone in the bottom row. To make a cauldron you have iron in the top left and right, middle left and right and the bottom row.

The Brewing Stand has it’s own interface like a crafting table but also different. There are three places where you can put bottles and one spot to put things that are going into the potions. For every item that you use the brewing stand with you can get up to 3 potions from it which is really helpful when working with valuables.

The Cauldron is really mostly for show it just sits there and holds one bucket’s worth of water which is enough for 3 water bottles but you could get the same thing from a hole in the ground.

To start making potions first you will have to make a akward potion that has no effects but is like a base to all other potions. You will need to brew in nether wart to do this. Then the world is your oyster you can make any potion you want.

Just a little tip, if you hold a stick in your hand it looks just like Harry Potter’s Blackthorn and Phoenix tail feather wand. But most wands are a lot more intricate than that.

If you want to find out exact recipes for potions click here or you can just try different things. One little hint is that the fermented spider eye will turn a lot of helpful potions in to hurtful ones that you would use on your enemy.

I hope that you like this. Tell me in the comments what is your favorite Hogwarts Professor mine is Minerva Mcgonagall 


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