Your Minecraft Insight into Potions

your minecraft insight into potions

Today I am going to talk about potions. Potions can be helpful if you know what you are doing. I only recently learned how to make potions and started to use them in Minecraft. If you want to start using potions you are going to need to be pretty far in the game. I suggest you try making potions after you have had a couple of successful trips in the Nether

The main thing that you need to have before starting to make any potions is a brewing stand. These can only be made once you have been in the Nether for some time as they require a blaze rod which you can only get from killing a blaze. You can only find blazes in Nether fortresses which can be a pain to find and are really hard to get through if you are not a super good fighter. I had to go through it like ten times before I could come home in one piece. The way to make a brewing stand is one blaze rod in the middle middle and and cobblestone across the bottom of the crafting interface. In the 1.10 update they made it so that the brewing stand has to have blaze powder in it to run.

Most of the ingredients that are used in brewing are really hard to get but there are a couple that are pretty common. The first thing that you have to do is get a bottle of water and put it in the brewing stand next you need to get nether wart. You can find it in the nether fortress and it is pretty easy to harvest. You will need to grow more of it so bring back some soul sand and you can start up a nether wart farm. Once you have brewed your nether wart into your water try out different ingredients to try to find all the potions you can.

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