ZappCon is Back with All Things Nerdtacular!

ZappCon 2015

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday, October 17-18th) is the 2nd Annual ZappCon down at the Fresno Convention Center! I know that half of you are probably asking, “What the heck is ZappCon?” It is a local convention that is all about gaming, comics, and general geekery! Ok, that sounds boring in comparison to the fabulous schedule I have seen. Here is just a small glimpse.

For gamers there are a bunch of opportunities to actually play throughout the weekend. There will be groups playing specific games like Giant Tsuro, D&D, My Little Pony, Pokemon, War Machine, and lots more.  There will also  be open tables where you can bring your own games too. Want to know how to play some new games? Great, there will be some 101 and learn to play sessions for games like Pathfinder. There will be gaming panels too!

zappIf cosplay is you thing they have a variety of stuff planned for you too! There are a variety of cosplay celebrities who will be part of a Cosplay Super Panel. You can also LARP or attend a session all on the 501st Legion!

Of course there is a lot more geekery planned! I am personally really looking forward to the Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator. There will also be a very cool Artist’s Alley and comic panels. Like t craft? Then attend the session that will help you to make a Harry Potter scarf! Love music? Great! The DoubleClicks will be there and even teaching a ukulele session.

Little geeks? Don’t worry, there is something for them. Little Zapp’s Kid Zone is going to have a variety of events over the weekend. The coolest is the  Super Hero Training Course. The Snake Guy will be there as will Batman. There will also be games and face painting so the kiddos haven’t been left out. I didn’t see an age on that but I hope at least a couple of my kids will fall in the age range! 

This is looking like it is going to be a very cool and exciting event. I am even more excited because this is a local production! You can still get tickets at the door for $25 for one day or $35 for both. It is being held at Valdez Hall in the Convention Center. You can head over to the ZappCon site for more details and the actual schedule of events. 

So who will I see there?


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