Minecraft: Zombies and Creepers and Spiders Oh My


This is about the Overworld’s monsters in Minecraft. All monsters drop stuff that can help you from string to gun powder

1) The Creeper: The creeper has become unofficial face of Minecraft but he isn’t a big deal if you know how to deal with him. The scary thing about the creeper is that he blows up but if you just back away after you hit him he will start over his countdown till he blows up. Or you can shoot at him with a bow and arrow. The creeper drops gun powder and if shot by a skeleton it drops music discs.

2) The Zombie: I think that the zombie is the most common monster and one of the easiest monsters to kill. Often the zombies will come in a group so that can be a bit hard to take care of especially if you aren’t planning on battling monsters. The way they hurt us is by touching us but the knock back is enough to make it so they can’t touch you for a couple seconds. Zombies drop rotten flesh and can drop  some strange things like carrots (rarely).

3) The Spiders: The spiders aren’t hostile unless you look at them. spiders can go up walls and make a slithering sound when they move. Spiders drop string and spider eyes(gross right) which can be used for potions.

4)The Ender Man: The Ender Man is like the big mysterious guy. He can teleport and trys to rearange the landscape. He isn’t hostile unless you look at him above the legs because he doesn’t like to be stared at.

5)The Wither Boss: And finally The Wither boss. The Wither Boss is man made and is one of the least known monsters. To make the Wither Boss you need soul sand and wither skelton skulls (both found in the Nether). Put one block of soul sand then three across the top of the first then a wither skeleton skull on the last three blocks.

Did you see that one was missing? Good spotting! The Ender Dragon is in another piece all about the end! Check it out!

What is your experience with Minecraft monsters?

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